We are delighted to announce the summer school on Modern Mathematical and Statistical Computing Methods in Medicine that will take place in Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco from 3rd to 6th of July 2018.

In recent years, this field has witnessed a great evolution in state of the art methodology using big scientific data including controlled & well-structured observational experiments, and large registers and electronic health records to influence medical decision and policies.

The purpose of this intensive summer school is to provide stimulating sessions on modern Mathematical and Statistical methods and applications in medical research and public health. A focus will be on predictive analytics models and applications in medical and environmental health research. Upon completing the course, attendees will have the skills required to construct and analyse clinical and epidemiological issues in health. The programme will also provide insight into available modern quantitative methods and advanced analytical tools for modelling big data and interpreting results.



The Summer School is open to graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and professionals looking for training in the principles of predictive analytics in medicine.


Knowledge in quantitative methods (e.g. mathematics, statistics) and strong interest in epidemiology and clinical research are highly desirable.

How to register:

To register, please complete the online application form at http://bit.ly/2jxntct and submit recent curriculum vitae.

If you encounter problems in filling in the online form, please send us an email to m2cm2summerschool@gmail.com.


Topics covered include:
  • Data management and analysis of the information
  • Designing and powering studies
  • Evaluating Diagnostic tests
  • Predictive analytics modelling
  • Machine learning and big data
  • Health services research and data linkages
  • Prediction in cardiovascular disease risk
  • Prediction of environmental health effects

A detailed agenda will be shared soon.

Important dates

Application Deadline:
  • April, 8th 2018
Participants Announcement:
  • April, 23th 2018

Participants Registration deadline:

  • May, 31th 2018



Organizing committee:
  • King’s College London: Dr. Abdel Douiri & Dr. Yanzhong Wang
  • Cadi Ayyad University: Prof. Hassan HBID, Prof. Mohamed EL ALAOUI TALIBI  & Prof. Jihad ZAHIR
Scientific committee:

King’s College London, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine:

  • Dr Abdel Douiri, Associate professor in Medical Statistic
  • Dr Yanzhong Wang, Associate professor in Medical Statistics
  • Prof. Charles Wolfe, Professor in Public Health
  • Prof. Janet Peacock, Professor in Medical Statistics

Cadi Ayyad University:

Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Marrakech:

  • Prof. Hassan HBID, Professor in Applied Mathematics
  • Prof. Mohamed EL ALAOUI TALIBI, Professor in Applied Mathematics
  • Prof. Jihad ZAHIR, Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Marrakech:

  • Prof. Mohamed AMINE, Professor in Public Health
  • Prof. Majda SEBBANI, Assistant Professor in Public Health