Cara Delevingne Addresses the Ashley Benson, G-Eazy Rumor

Cara Delevingne Addresses the Ashley Benson, G-Eazy Rumor

IMPROVE 5/15: Both Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have actually talked away about their relationship ??” in an easy method. After being spotted food shopping with G-Eazy and sparking rumors of a rebound after Cara, Ashley to her split has answered (via an Instagram “like”) to your drama, while Cara took to Instagram Stories to deal with fans.

As noted by Elle, Ashley liked a post from the Cara/Ashley Insta fan account regarding her romance that is potential with. “You can??™t say they’ve been dating simply because of a love plus some reviews. Can??™t Ashley have actually buddies now? AVOID SAYING ASHLEY CHEATED! IF NOT CARA! They simply require buddies at this time inside your,” the fan account composed, prompting Ashley to present it with a double-tap. Certain, it is a obscure method to clear the drama up, however it seems that Ashley desires her fans to learn that she is simply buddies because of the rapper.

Cara, on her component, posted an Instagram tale fans that are asking keep Ashley alone.

“It really is more crucial now than in the past to spread love, not hate,” Cara published. ” To everybody hating on @ashleybenson, please stop. You do not understand the truth, just her [sic] and I also do and that is just how it must be.” Ashley, on her behalf component, reposted Cara’s tale to her tales by having a heart emoji.

Before jumping to conclusions since we don’t know the whole story regarding Cara, Ashley, and Gerald, it’s best to wait for more direct communication from the involved parties themselves.

Soon after news of her reported split with Cara Delevingne dropped, Ashley Benson had been spotted doing a bit of trips to market

with G-Eazy in la, leading fans to trust the 2 are dating.

Based on the Cut, a brand new collection of photos of G-Eazy (AKA Gerald Earl Gillum) and a lady who plenty think to be Ashley shopping at Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins have actually surfaced, plus some think the 2 could possibly be combined up, fresh from the heels of Ashley’s reported breakup with Cara.

Some tips about what we can say for certain: Ashley and G-Eazy are buddies, or at the very least acquaintances that are close. She recently recorded an address of Radiohead’s “Creep” with him, that was published to their YouTube channel making us think now it’s time for Ashley release a a solamente record of her very own. The Cut also states that Ashley has kept a couple of red heart emoji reviews on several of Gerald’s past Instagram articles, including this slideshow of pictures of him in a bright blue suit ??” though utilizing a red heart does not mean you are romantically a part of someone.

Numerous fans are not super delighted in regards to the possible love. “Ashley Benson going from Cara Delevingne to G-Eazy could be the worst downgrade ever sold. are you currently joking?” tweeted one. “When you would imagine you are making bad decisions, understand that Ashley Benson split up with Cara Delevingne over G-Eazy,” composed another. “I don??™t would you like to reside in some sort of where Ashley Benson split up with Cara Delevingne up to now G-Eazy,” included another fan.

Ashley and Cara dated for around 2 yrs, together with been quarantining together and making adorable checking up on the Kardashians TikTok videos throughout their downtime. The 2 were fairly personal about their relationship, and neither has verified a split.

Needless to say, a relationship that is potential Ashley and G-Eazy is just hearsay for the present time ??” the 2 might just be buddies striking up a common normal grocery together. Until we hear a verification or denial from Ashley or G-Eazy themselves, we will need certainly to simply take this news with a large grain of sodium.

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